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GK & Current Affairs Quiz

October 04
14:19 2017
  1. Which state has become the India’s first state to set up family welfare committees?
  2. Who of the following has won the 2017 Akkineni Nageswara Rao (ANR) National Award?
  3. Purnima Hembram has won gold at the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. She hails from which Indian state?
  4. The joint military exercise “Iron Union 5” will start between United States and which country?
  5. Which of the following has become the India’s first payments bank to integrate the UPI on its digital platform?
  6. Which international organisation has granted $175,000 for healthcare of Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar of Bangladesh?
  7. Which of the following cricket teams are not directly qualified for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019?
  8. Who has been appointed as new Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan?

9.Which country to conduct the first BIMSTEC Disaster Management Exercise -2017 (BIMSTEC DMEx-2017)?

  1. The Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary (BWS) is located in which state?


Correct Answers:  1.D [Tripura ] 2 C [S.S. Rajamouli] 3.: B [Odisha] 4.: A [UAE] 5. Correct Answer: B [Airtel Payments Bank]6. Correct Answer: C [WHO]7. Correct Answer: A [West Indies]8. Correct Answer: A [Ajay Bisaria].9. Correct Answer: D [India]10. Correct Answer: B [Bihar]


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